In the years following the release of Super Smash Bros. Melee , the Nintendo GameCube title has been extensively shelled and analyzed in scope competitive, becoming one of the most followed titles during events such as EVO (before the pandemic). However, within the game, Masahiro Sakurai has hidden an even bigger and never completed challenge: game credits.

For the uninitiated, the credits of the Classic mode of Super Smash Bros. Melee introduce themselves as a platform shooter, giving the player the opportunity to shoot the greatest number of names - among the various developers and producers of the game - on the screen. Challenge which, as mentioned above, has never been completed ... until today!

In response to a challenge opened by the user Nathaniel Bandy on Twitter, the Falcon-Main Martin "Porky" Zarate was the first player to hit all 190 targets in this short but intense shooter section, winning the beauty of dollars 3000, which will be spent by the young man to continue his studies to become a forest ranger.

The secret behind this feat? 50 hours of total training, divided into small mini-sections to better learn each sequence of the credits.