Remember Forest of Illusion, the team of videogame historians that a few weeks ago recovered the Ocarina of Time beta from an overwritten cartridge? Those jokers certainly didn't stop and just today they released more material dedicated to the past of Nintendo.

From today it is possible to access a video archive dedicated entirely to the demos shown during theE3 2006, edition where the final version of what we know as was finally presented to the world Nintendo Wii (announced in 2005 as Nintendo revolution). Among the various gameplay loaded - and visible to this address - the most interesting material comes from the demo of Super Mario Galaxy, the best-selling platformer that put Mario back on the crest of the wave.

In this version it is possible to notice the presence of play areas not included in the final product It is probably developed exclusively for the event, to allow players to become better acquainted with the motion controls of the then new Nintendo console.