Black Myth: Wu Kong returns to show itself thanks to a new trailer which, in addition to being truly spectacular, is a wish for a happy new year for the buffalo.

Last summer we told you about the Chinese project Black Myth: Wu Kong, soulslike title inspired by the cornerstone of Asian literature "Journey to the West". Now, after months of silence, the Game Science guys give us a new look at the title, wishing us a happy lunar year.

As you have seen from the video, the development team wanted to welcome the year of the buffalo in its own way, wishing gamers to be as strong as the mighty animal. The publication of Black Myth: Wu Kong, the first chapter of a trilogy, is expected for late 2021 on PS5, Xbox Series X / S and PC. We still don't have a precise launch date for what promises to be a title to watch, but we will not fail to keep you updated.