Yesterday, February 8, CD Projekt was the victim of a hacker attack perpetrated by strangers. The extent of the damage caused by the attack has been explained in a release spread on the company's social networks.

According to CD Projekt, During the attack, a lot of data was stolen both at the corporate level and at the source code level of the games. In addition, the servers hosting the digital part of the company have been encrypted, a drawback that has however been bypassed through backup.

The hackers also left a note, the contents of which the company immediately disclosed. In a short text file the thieves demanded a ransom for the stolen information, threatening to sell it or have it leaked to the press.

The note left by the hackers

CD Projekt has however announced that it has no intention of negotiating, although according to hackers this it will further ruin the company's image due to the leaks that will ensue.

The Polish software house has already launched an investigation to find out the identity of the perpetrators of the attack, and has guaranteed that player data is safe and untouched.