June 2020 it has been a month full of conferences and events courses especially due to the cancellation (due to COVID-19) of theE3 2020, the then annual exhibition dedicated to the world of video games. The pandemic has since reached its second wave and the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) may have finally found it winning formula for the next edition.

E3 2021 ESA Online Fair

According to the presentation document of the event, ESA intends to turn E3 2021 into an online fair. The program mentions several keynote starring the various partners in the sector, scheduled during the days previously announced by the association (from 15 to 17 June 2021). Special evenings dedicated to the inauguration of the event and the awards were also proposed.

With regard to tests with hand, ESA will seek to provide a platform for all partners and members of the press gaming via streaming, thus allowing the coverage of the demos that will be proposed during the fair.

Will this proposal go through? We will have to wait for the approval of the various members of the association. But unlike the past few years, E3 2021 will have to contend with fierce competition. Especially in a period where the various companies organize their own digital events or rely on third parties such as the Summer Game Festival, the event organized by Geoff Keighley and already confirmed for summer 2021.