The Witcher The Old World CDPRCDProjekt RED announced starting a campaign on Kickstarter for the creation of a board game dedicated to The Witcher.

This will be a prequel to the video game series, putting players in the shoes of aspiring young witchers and will take the title of The Witcher: The Old World. The path of the events prior to those already narrated seems to be a very fertile ground for CDProjekt RED, already beaten also with Way of the Witcher, the latest expansion released for his card game, GWENT.

The Old World kickstarter has only been presented but hasn't actually started yet: the fundraising itself will be officially launched between March and April, and for now it is only possible to register, in order to receive a notification when the campaign opens.

However, those unfamiliar with foreign languages ​​will have to arm themselves with a dictionary: the game will only be published in English and Polish.