Like every week, Twitch sends its users a small preview email for all the events scheduled for the week. Nothing special or worthy of a news right? Well, it seems that today the staff of the purple site have committed a little oopsie, spoiling fans of Street Fighter V the announcement of the last character scheduled for the Seasonings 5 of the fighting game Capcom.

The latest character slated for Season 5, which will include fighters such as DanRoseAkira kazama by Rival Schools e Gold, is also a character linked to the events of Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike. Give a warm welcome to Eleven.

Eleven is a shape-shifting humanoid weapon created by Secret society commanded by Gill, as part of the G-Project supervised by Urien. Like its successor Twelve - playable in SF3 - Eleven can shape its body into different shapes, turning its limbs into sharp weapons or even copying the likeness of its opponent.

The announcement of Eleven is expected in the next few hours, as part of the livestream dedicated to Street Fighter V: Champion Edition Winter Update. Stay tuned for more updates!

UPDATE: Capcom showed a short gameplay video for Eleven, announcing it as bonus character, therefore outside the characters provided in Season Pass 5. Taking a cue from Mokujin in Tekken, Eleven will take the guise of a casual fighter before each meeting.