No Man's Sky is that Cindarella Story that keeps on giving. After relaunching the update Beyond and winning the prize Best Ongoing Game ai The Game Awards, the space survival of Hello Games has recently released a new update free dedicated to the best friends of an astronaut: the alien pets.

Within a post on the PlayStation Blog, the founder of Hello Games Sean Murray explained some of the new additions in this update:

“The various creatures you find while exploring the universe can now be tamed and adopted as your companions. Once bonded, your new friends can be summoned anywhere, even within the space anomaly. Creatures can be trained to perform tasks such as searching for resources, marking dangers, providing you with torches, hunting hostile creatures, locating structures, finding valuable treasures, or using their own laser for mining. "

Obviously, taking care of more pets also implies the possibility of give birth to others, letting puppies inherit parental traits and create their own alien family tree. Along with these new mechanics, the game has undergone several changes QoL including one improvement of fauna and graphic interface, as well as faster version loads PS4.

The “Companion” update is available on all platforms.