As anticipated last week, this Thursday Epic Games drops the bomb with two new very interesting titles. And it is with pleasure that I present to you the new free games: 2 Rage Absolute Drift.

"RANGE 2 is the result of the collaboration of two videogame excellences: Avalanche Studios, the masters of open world madness, and id Software, the creators of first person shooter, together to shock you with a delusional world in which to go anywhere, shoot anyone! Ruthless and bloodthirsty gangs go mad in the streets and the tyrannical Authority rules with an iron fist. You are Walker, the last Wasteland Ranger and a threat to their power. You have been deprived of your home and abandoned at the end of your life. You will have to fight for justice and freedom. Traverse the cruel Wasteland between frenzied vehicle battles and chaotic first-person combat, facing sadistic gangs to find the tools and technologies needed to challenge the Authority and end its oppressive regime once and for all. "

"Absolute Drift it's a drifting experience like never before. A journey from apprentice to master as you perfect your skills in a beautiful minimalist world. Push yourself to the limit on drift tracks and wild mountain roads until you become a master of the art of drift. "

As usual, you need to log into your account epic Games to redeem this new offer, which will remain valid until the next one February 24 2021.