It rains in the wet for Google Stadia. After the closure of the first party studios, the great G's streaming gaming service finds itself mixed up in one class action, initially filed last October and rescued by the New York federal court.

Google Stadia Project Hailstorm

This legal dispute accuses Google of lying about 4K resolution support planned for launch, with the aim of increasing subscriptions to the service, generating millions of dollars in revenue on what is actually a lie. Unlike the 4K Native gaming experience, most of the titles available at launch were rendered at a lower resolution to then be upscaled to 4K.

And that's not all. Also Id Software and Bungie have been pulled into this legal diatribe, accused like Google of having launched versions of Doom Eternal and Destiny 2 with 4K resolution support on the platform fictitious.

This class action promises to indemnify all American users registered for the service in damages starting from June 2019, including buyers of Pro and Founder and Premiere Editions subscriptions of service.