Over the course of its various iterations, the Tekken has pushed beyond the barriers of representation, opening the doors of its roster to characters of different species (Kuma, Alex etc.), genres (Leo) and nationality. Speaking of the latter feature, the Tekken 4 Season Pass 7 will introduce a new character of origin EEuropean.

Despite the teaser turns out rather short, Bandai Namco and the Project Tekken team were pretty straight forward: the next character available via DLC will be the Prime Minister of Poland.

This new addition was announced during the second livestream of the Japan Fighting Game Publishers Roundtable, between the confusion and the discontent of the fanbase, who hoped for a new one guest character.

Going back to the character, one of the details that sparked interest in the character is the scar on his face. Let it be a reference to the series of The Witcher, series developed by the Polish software house CD Projekt or something related to the lore of King of Iron Fist Tournament?