Tired of having to wait hours and hours (even days) to play the new game of the moment? Electronic Arts may have the solution at hand.

EA Electronic Arts Patent Download Streaming

What you see is a flowchart of a new patent published from the Californian company for a dynamic game client which aims to make up for lost time when installing a game. Here's how it works: When starting the game, the client starts a check to make sure if the game has been installed on the device. If not, the player would start not only downloading the game, but also a stream it in a separate instanceuntil the installation is complete.

Electronic Arts is not the only one to have thought of this: Blizzard's Battle.net client or some mobile titles have a similar function, which allows you to play the game even during the download, once you have downloaded the files necessary for the first start. .

Obviously we are talking about a patent and not something that will be implemented in the near future, but given the exponential increase in the weight of files with each new generation and the beginning of the streaming era, in your opinion such an implementation could work. ? Could it really become the new standard for clients like Steam, Epic Games or of course the Origin of Electronic Arts?