It wasn't enough Final Fantasy VII Intergrade Remake, Square Enix has announced - outside the latest State of Play - two other new mobile titles related to the world of Midgar: Ever Crisis The First Soldier, coming up Android and iOS.

Inheriting the formula of release episodes from Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition, Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis is a remake / demake of the chapters of the FF VII Compilation, which will cover not only the events of the original chapter for PS1, but also Advent ChildrenDirge of CerberusBefore Crisis Crisis Core. The release of the first chapter is scheduled for 2022.

Scheduled for a worldwide release over the course of 2021Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier is Square Enix's first take on the Battle Royale genre, set 30 years before the events of FF VII. As in any Battle Royale, players will have to face each other with sticks, shots and above all summons to eliminate each other and aim for the title of first soldier in the history of Shinra.

In short, not only Square is willing to milk the FF VII brand and expand it across multiple platforms. Will it be the winning move?