We continue to talk about the case of The Sinking City. After the developer's appeal Frogswares, who urged their fans not to purchase the Steam version of the game of Lovecraftian inspiration, a new video published by the software house brings the story in a completely different light, with Nacon accused of having crackedmodified put on sale the DRM-Free version offered for sale on GamesPlanet.

According to this reconstruction, the French publisher would have purchased the game from GamesPlanet, used the experience on Unreal Engine of the team of Neopic - team purchased by Nacon in 2020 - in order to decrypt the game files, disable the advertising system that linked to the GamesPlanet site and replace some logos present in the game credits. Once the magheggi finished, Nacon would then upload this version cracked by The Sinking City on Steam, selling it in territories where the game was not initially available e without mentioning the origin of this new version to the digital stores.

Finally, this Nacon game goes against the decision of the French judicial system, which in two appeals denied the publisher the opportunity to redistribute The Sinking City. In short, a big deal for Alain Falc, founder of Nacon, who risks not only the removal of the game from Steam, but also to spend a few years in French prisons.