And now a little news story for you: Clint Butler, a fugitive who escaped from prison last November Spring Hill of Buckinghamshire he returned to the cage after being pinched by the police for breaking the lockdown put into effect by the pandemic. Its justification? "I went to buy Call of Duty, I can't sit still during the lockdown."

In this video released by the West Midlands Police, the individual sentenced to 17 years for armed robbery is filmed attacking the two officers, before attempting to escape. Unfortunately for him, a slip on the wet road led him to overbalance and fall, facilitating the stopping operation. The young man is back behind bars with a lengthened sentence of 13 months.

The whole thing was documented by Department Superintendent Nick Rowe, who called the whole thing a "An idiot's decision".

Clint, trust me: next time go to the PS Store.