The Monster Hunter Digital Event has just ended and for the occasion Capcom has released more information on Monster hunter rise, starting with the new trailer which confirms the presence of two monsters highly appreciated by the community: Zinogre and Nargacuga.

After a brief summary of the new biomes and monsters present in this new chapter, which ended with the flagship Magnamalos, the mechanics of the Switch Skills. As in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, players will be able to change the skills of the Wirebug with a variety of new special moves that will be unlocked as you progress through the game. In addition, the new mechanics of the Rampage mode have been deepened, a variant of the Siege where the hunters will have to stop the assault of the monsters against the village of Kamura, using the hunting installations like turrets and cannons to stop the dangerous waves.

As for the options of online matchmaking, the presence of the Signals SOS already appeared in Monster Hunter World and the possibility of like your mates hunting, a feature able to facilitate - like Tinder - the search for the players best suited to your style of play.

It was announced that too Monster hunter rise will have paid aesthetic DLCs and free updates, starting with the first update scheduled for April and which will feature the Chameleons. Finally, the next March 11 2021 Capcom will release a new free demo that will allow everyone to face the Magnamalos, in an advanced difficulty quest.

We remind you that Monster Hunter Rise will be released next March 26 2021 su Nintendo Switch, with a version PC scheduled for 2022.