Dynasty Warriors, the famous musou saga, will soon have its own live action film. Here is the first exaggerated trailer.

After the failure of the live action dedicated to Monster Hunter, here is a new film based on a videogame saga apparently difficult to bring to the big screen. Directed by Roy Chow, the film starring Liu Bei, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei and Lu Bu was shot in Hong Kong and New Zealand. What is impressive is the long period of post production of the work (filming ended in 2017) due to the considerable amount of CGI required to recreate large-scale battles and special techniques.

Dynasty Warriors is scheduled for release on April 29 2021 in Hong Kong cinemas and for the next day throughout China, while there is still no news about a release in the other countries.

Will the historic Hong Kong cinema be able to save this videogame suitably? The trailer doesn't look too bad.