After announcing it in 2020 and immediately postponed due to the COVID-19 emergency, the cubed MMO Roblox has finally entered the world of finance, opening its stock (RBLX) within the New York Stock Exchange.

Roblox New York Stock Exchange RBLX Hack Trump Account

The stock was opened in these hours and has already reached a value of $ 70 / share, rising by 11% compared to its initial value. For those unfamiliar with it, Roblox is an MMO that doubles as a platform dedicated to the creation of various minigames by users. The more experienced will know him above all for the meme "OOF", one of the catchphrases of recent years.

Also, according to the site MMO Populations, Roblox has a playerbase of 18 million players, with more than 500.000 active every day and spread across the various platforms (PC, Xbox One, Mac, iOS and Android). What are you waiting for? Go buy stock before Reddit memelords do!