Battlefield 6Battlefield 6 could be revealed in the coming weeks, more precisely in the month of May. To raise this hypothesis was Jeff Grubb than during a live stream, to specific question, he replied that it will almost certainly be shown during that time.

Going more specifically, Grubb explained that a reveal in the weeks to come is very likelybut that the whole is "Still in progress". According to the author, however, despite the lack of official communications from EA and DICE, the feeling is that “They are aiming for the month of May”.

As also clarified by the interested party, this prediction must be taken with the benefit of the doubt, precisely due to the absence of confirmations from the publisher and developers. EA has however already confirmed that Battlefield 6 will see the light by 2021 and to speed up the work, he joined DICE with the guys from Criterion, a choice that forced the software house of Need for Speed a postpone for one year the release of his next racing game.