Cyberpunk 2077 CDProjekt Red patch 1.2Patch 1.2 for Cyberpunk 2077, anticipated only a few hours ago with the mileage patch notes, is already available.

As already explained above, this goes to bring an extraordinary amount of improvements to the discussed RPG of CDProjekt RED, with significant interventions on the driving system, on the behavior of some cars and on the NPC AI. This, in fact, strongly criticized at the launch, was the one that most engaged the Polish software house in the search for an overall more satisfactory answer, including the decidedly unconvincing Night City police.

Obviously, a lot of work has also been done on the bad old-gen console versions, which had already received a specially dedicated patch, 1.1, and which should see other substantial improvements made to the game's playability, with an eye to the problem of poor stability.

However, those who want to go back for a ride on Cyberpunk 2077 must prepare for a long download: patch 1.2 is in fact truly mammoth, with dimensions ranging from 33GB for the PC version to about 45GB for the last generation consoles. The Stadia version instead, as usual, will receive the update during this week.

CDProjekt RED therefore seems willing to keep the promises made a few weeks ago on substantial support for the game over the next few months and the large amount of improvements coming with this patch seems to want to confirm the commitment of the Polish studio, only slowed down last month from the hacker attack he fell victim to.