These were not easy months for Cyberpunk 2077. Thanks to the endless wait, the game did not meet the expectations of the public. The problems, however, are not only in the entirety of the game, but also and above all in the details.

Weird NPC bugs and behaviors, driving issues, and software instability made the Night City experience unpleasant for players. But patch 1.2 promises to solve most of these problems. 

CD Projekt has made public the patch notes found on the Cyberpunk website, but if you are going to read them all get ready, they are quite long. There are listed a myriad of bug fixes, but also all the improvements to the environment and the inhabitants of Night City.

Police and driving

The city police department will calm down, and it will no longer materialize behind the character the moment he commits a crime. In case you want to try to outrun the police in a chase, the driving has also been heavily revised, with a new option that allows you to adjust the sensitivity of the cars' steering.

These changes also include modifications to some vehicles to improve handling and steering that fits better to different framerates which the game can operate depending on the platform.

Artificial intelligence and stability

One of the most revealing changes concerns the behavior of NPCs, whose artificial intelligence has been harshly criticized. Thanks to the changes that will be made by the patch, the characters will stop walking on each other continuously, will hide in case of danger and, once killed, will remain on the ground and will no longer bounce on the floor.

Truly Next-Gen AI from cyberpunkgame

Another serious problem that the patch has faced is that of the game stability on older generation consoles, which led to the removing the title from PlayStation Store. In the notes actually appears a long list of improvements and optimizations, the impact of which will however be all to be verified.

These are only the most important changes, but dozens of them can also be found very peculiar, in the complete notes. The patch, ironically given Cyberpunk's postponement history, doesn't have an official release date yet.