Outriders Square Enix Cross-genThat Outriders had tickled the palate of the players he had already understood by over two million Demo downloads obtained in just a week, but perhaps not even People Can Fly could expect such a warm welcome on day one of the game.

According to what we learn from data reported on SteamDB, Outriders is officially the best launch ever for a Square Enix game on Valve's platform. The looter shooter of the creators of Bulletstorm has indeed reached a peak of 111.953 players contemporary a few hours from the official release, an impressive figure considering that the record was previously held by the Rise of the Tomb Raider of Crystal Dynamics with 44.558. Almost merciless the comparison with Marvel's Avengers (game with some structural similarities but with GaaS model) that falls from the podium of this special ranking: the unfortunate title developed by Crystal Dynamics, has a peak on Steam equal to "suns" 31.165 players.

This figure becomes even more significant if we consider that the game is also present on the Epic Games Store, on Stadia and on consoles, with moreover entry into the Xbox Game Pass catalog already on day one.

Outriders, which supports cross-play between the various platforms, had some early problems with this very feature, with hitches in matchmaking between PC players and console users, as well as several cases of disconnection caused by the probable overcrowding of contemporary players. People Can Fly however, he promptly became aware of the aforementioned problems and communicated having immediately set to work for their resolution.