League of Legends Cinematic UniverseOver the past decade, League of Legends has established itself as a veritable gold mine in the gaming world, constantly remaining at the top of the charts of the most played and followed games on live streaming platforms. Its popularity has hardly ever hinted at diminishing and, perhaps even with a bit of delay, Riot Games realized that they could expand its universe and explore its wide possibilities.

It is no coincidence that, for some years now, the software house has begun to work intensively on the brand and to produce products related to it: if we exclude Valuing, which is the only exception, the game's narrative universe has already got to expand with Teamfight Tactics, auto-battler along the lines of Auto Chess e Dota Underlords; and with Legends of Runeterra, a good card game that has been able to carve out its significant slice of fans. However, the projects do not seem destined to stop there, since, in addition to some stand-alone titles already planned, the world of League of Legends is also about to appear on new media.

Riot Games is indeed looking for two Global Head of Live Action, one for the movies and the other for TV series, which can guide the landing of the company's IPs on these new worlds. The profiles sought suggest that the expansion programs in this direction are rather ambitious and seem to point towards the creation of a real one "League of Legends Cinematic Universe", strictly in live action, to be entrusted to prominent figures who can guide the projects, in a similar way to what already happens with the Marvel cinematic universe.

It should be emphasized that this would not however be the first operation in this sense: an animated series set in the world of League of Legends, entitled Arcane, it should have already seen the light in 2020, before being postponed due to complications dictated by the Covid-19 pandemic.