Elyon Ascent: Infinite RealmKakao Games and Bluehole Studio have announced the arrival in Europe and North America of their new reference MMORPG, Elyon. In the past few years, the game has been known like Ascent: Infinite Realm and went through a substantial rework in 2019 after the very unenthusiastic opinions collected from the early stages of Closed Beta in Asia.

A: IR was a steampunk-themed MMORPG that was mainly characterized by its in-flight combat. However, the first tests showed that this was far from excellence, as well as returning a non-optimal feeling due to a substantially old game structure. A combat system still based on the tab-targeting and an optimization at times disastrous definitely compromised all the expectations that the players placed in the title.

Two years later, Bluehole Studio returns with a substantially renewed and rethought product, with the abandonment of the focus on aerial combat, a good combat system action and extremely improved optimization. To underline the diversity of approach, the game has in the meantime changed its name to Elyon and, after a decent launch in South Korea, is preparing to launch its first phase of Closed Beta for the western public.

Elyon is proposed as a game strongly oriented towards open world PvP, with Realm vs Realm battles between the two conflicting factions and clan wars to support the structure. There is no lack of other characteristic features of the genre, such as crafting, gathering and trading systems; customization of the character and his skill tree; PvE dungeons and finally arenas for instanced PvP lovers. Bluehole Studio, that with TERA has already ventured into the world of MMORPGs, has therefore tried to mix the best features of their previous product with those of other exponents of the genre, Aion and Black Desert above all.

Anyone wishing to get a first idea and feel the goodness of the project firsthand can sign up for the Western Closed Beta of Elyon: the registration, available at this link, will remain open until 25th April, while the selection of players is set for the 27th April. The testing phase will start instead at 14 pm on May 6th, with closing scheduled for hours 10 of May 10.