Twitch botTwitch found that about 7.5 million bots were inflating the numbers of many streamers, including some very well known, and he decided to run for cover immediately. In fact, the company announced that it had begun removal work of these accounts and warned users that in the next few days they could see the follower and viewer counters drop significantly.

Several popular streamers have already seen their counters drop dramatically: xQc lost 2.2 million followers, going down from 8.1 to 5.9, while Sodapoppin suffered a cut from 2.8 million users, equal to approximately 45% of its total. They were clearly not the only ones involved in this operation by Twitch, but they are undoubtedly the ones who have seen the most significant cuts to their counters.

Obviously those directly involved are not an active part in the affair and, announcing legal action against bot sellers, Twitch explained that it will not punish users who are victims of these attacks.