Contrary to what many fans of Nintendo they might think, the series of F-Zero is not dead, despite its absence in the gaming landscape since 2003 with F-Zero GX (GameCube), not to mention the various crossovers with Super Smash Bros. Mario Kart.

This is confirmed by the father of Captain falconFox McCloud Majora's Mask: Takaya Imamura, in an interview dedicated to his career and published on IGN. Here is his answer to the question related to a possible return of Nintendo's futuristic racing series:

"I've thought about it many times, but without a great new idea, it's hard to get it back."

According to the words of Imamura, what is missing from the series is that a brillant idea, that particular element in its game design capable of make the game unique compared to its predecessors and that it is able to bring new ideas not only in game mechanics, but also in the track design.