The fourth season of Castlevania is coming sooner than expected. Here is the new trailer with the release date.

The Netflix series based on the videogame saga Castlevania will come to an end with the fourth season. Netflix released a teaser trailer tonight to announce the release date of the latest installments of the animated show. Here is the official tweet:

The final season of Castlevania arrives on 13st May. The trailer, in addition to announcing this date, shows us a map with the regions of origin of the various characters, in fact we pass from Dracula's Wallachia to Carmilla's Styria.

Anime lovers, however, will not have to despair, as the producer Adi Shankar confirmed to be working on a sort of videogame multiverse. The next adaptation should be devil may cry, and who knows if in the fourth season we will already have a small preview of this crossover. Maybe a brief appearance of Sparda ...