For months now the rumors about Battlefield 6 they only intensify. The presentation of the new game in the first-person shooter series may arrive as early as May, but EA and Dice have leaked another announcement regarding the franchise. A new chapter, this time mobile, is planned for 2022. 

The announcement came with an EA blog post on April 22nd, in which Oskar Gabrielson, general manager of Dice, also shared news about the future of Battlefield. In addition to confirming the arrival of Battlefield 6 for the Christmas period of 2021, it has announced the collaboration with Industrial Toys for the realization of a standalone mobile game.

The news is unexpected, but it is not difficult to imagine the motivation behind the choice to move to the mobile market. The competition, with the historical rival Call of Duty in head, has long since developed spin-offs of its games dedicated to mobile.