QuiplashA giveaway for all party game lovers is available on Steam at no cost: it is Quiplash, title made by Jackbox Games.

We speak for the accuracy of a "Same room multiplayer party game", which is a title to play with your group of friends, without matchmaking of any kind and with the sole aid of smartphones, tablets and web browsers as controllers. The players clash in a unique quiz game where the right answer doesn't count but only the funniest one, chosen by the participants and the public.

Quiplash supports up to 10.000 voting spectators, which can influence the progress of the matches even if you do not participate as competitors. This makes the Jackbox Games game a suitable product both to be played as a simple party game and as proposal to be brought live on Twitch or Youtube for those who enjoy streaming on these platforms.

Quiplash will be free on Steam until 19pm on April 26th: to redeem it just add it to your library using the appropriate button on the dedicated page on the Valve store. It should be noted that the game only supports the English language regarding both voice and interface, but the use of the Italian language during matches does not significantly compromise the experience.