Il Met Office, the agency responsible for all UK weather needs, is in partnership with Microsoft products to build England's fastest supercomputer. The company says it will serve to provide more accurate weather models and scenarios, help projections and forecasts, and enable it to monitor and predict emergencies and extreme weather conditions caused by climate change.

Costing around £ 1,2 billion, this state-of-the-art computer will have more than double the processing power of any similar system in Britain today.

Full technical specifications have not yet been revealed so we don't know what chips are inside but it is said to be capable of supporting 60 petaflops of processing power. The fastest supercomputer in the world, Fugaku, in Japan, is capable of processing roughly 420-440 petaflops so it doesn't really come close but it will still be of great help to the cause and, once built, will enter the top 25 supercomputers. faster.

It will be built with the help of Cray, now owned by HP Enterprise, which has used Nvidia, Intel and AMD chips in previous projects, so the door is open to any number of possible combinations of CPUs and GPUs from the various companies. It is important to point out that this machine will run 100% with renewable energy sources. Which seems like a smart move not only for the environment, but because this machine will take a lot of its time measuring and analyzing climate change.