Earlier this week, paradox has released a new expansion for Europe Universalis 4 call Leviathan, which adds diplomatic options, specialized colonial nations, and so on. This DLC has an extremely negative evaluation su Steam, with only 10% positive reviews from users.

The rating is lower than stocks like Flatout 3 (14% positive), Spacebase DF-9 (18% positive) or RollerCoaster Tycoon World (25% positive). Since the release of Leviathan, players have encountered a number of problems. Even those who have not purchased the DLC are experiencing bugs related to the 1.31 base game update. A megathread of over 40 pages in which the various problems of the title are discussed.

For example, the strength of the missionary hordes is set at 100% instead of 1%, allowing them to convert entire provinces in one day. Some commands from the interface are also missing. Also natives turn into Europeans when unified no matter where they come from and there are also random crashes of the game along with many other issues.

Paradox has already released a hotfix that fixed some bugs and attempted to rebalance broken mechanics. Some of the corrections are minor and did not substantially affect the opinion of users, which still remains negative.