The Year of the Griffin continues to bring new things to the Hearthstone Tavern. After the game was revolutionized by the arrival of the Free Core Set, now another small revolution is about to land in the shop.

For the first time, players will be able to buy cards directly, without relying on the randomness of the packs. They are called Preforgiate Decks, and will allow you to add entire decks to your collection.

The decks, now one month after the release of the latest expansion, were created using game data from thousands of players. They are therefore suitable to be played immediately, without too many modifications. 

The cost will be $ 19,99 for 30 cards, and you will only be able to purchase one deck per account. Additionally, Preforged Decks will only stay in the shop for two weeks. These limitations are due to the fact that this new feature is still in the experimental phase.

Patch 20.2, which will bring these new decks to the store, will also change the Battle mode, with a new tribe. I Wart they will join the other types of minions, and will be present in all games until the next big update.