Riot announced on yesterday evening it will begin to record the voice chats of Valorant to better moderate them. There will be no option to prevent this from happening other than to stop using voice chat.

Voice chat is an extremely useful but equally criticized tool in online video games. The instantaneous nature of communication on the one hand allows for better coordination in team games, on the other hand it creates the opportunity for insults and harassment that are difficult to moderate. 

Valorant is not exempt from these criticisms, indeed it seems that the problem is particularly serious in Riot's shooter. Since the beta, many players have reported inadequate behavior in voice chat. Among them also a game developer, who posted a video of the harassment on his Twitter profile.

One year after the incident, the company decided to take serious measures. All voice chats will be recorded, so that any complaints can be checked by the moderators. Once a player is punished for their chat behavior, the registration will be made available to them and then deleted.

The moderation will obviously not be instantaneous, but only consequent to any reports. There is no possibility of using unmoderated chats, the only way is to remove the voice chat option, which is impractical in Valorant.

Voice chat recording is an uncommon practice, but it may become very common in the future. PlayStation 5 also allows developers to activate this option at will. At the moment, the response of players to this change seems to be largely positive.