Animal Crossing: New Horizons could finally welcome Bartolo and his La Piccionaia bar thanks to the next update. What exactly do we know?

While these are fairly smoky clues, there are some pretty cool lines in the May update code that would delight fans. Let's start with the juiciest file: the Bartolo pigeon and his bar. In fact, inside the update code there is a "CCafe", this would suggest the return of the place "La Piccionaia" managed by Bartolo himself, much loved element in the previous chapter of the series.

But that's not all: a named line "MuseumLevel" it would suggest a new area of ​​the museum, or at least some minigame linked to it. The denominations are also noteworthy "MRemakeFence" and "mRemakeFenceScale", probably dedicated to the customization of fences.

One thing is sure, Nintendo is continuing to support its goose that lays golden eggs, and how to blame her.