Quoting And Now for Something Completely Different by Monty Snape, today we talk not only about video games but also about art. The reason? Apparently epic Games seems to be willing to invest in the field of digital arts. Tim Sweeney's company has in fact the new owner of the popular marketplace ArtStation.

This move should lead to benefits both for the artists and for Epic Games itself: on the one hand, the marketplace could begin to enjoy the very famous 12% revenue tax, thus allowing artists to earn even more from the sales of their digital works (artwork, tutorials, 3d models etc.). On the other hand, Epic Games will help the platform gain popularity over the long term, while also increasing its own income.

Furthermore, this could be a signal, Epic's first approach to the market for criptomonete. In fact, in the month of March, ArtStation announced and canceled support for cryptocurrency on the same day NFT. Could the acquisition of Epic bring this controversial initiative back to the surface?