Returnal PS5 PlayStation 5return was published a few days ago, proving to be a product solid and interesting from many points of view while not remaining free from defects. One in particular proved to be quite annoying for players, so much so that they clamored for a timely remedy.

In Returnal it is not possible to save your progress in the middle of a run. This wouldn't be such an obvious problem, were it not for a full game of Housemarque roguelite it takes a few hours to complete, a lot of time that not everyone has available, at least not consecutively.

The Finnish software house has taken note of the complaints of the players, while explaining that for now he has nothing to communicate about it:

“We listen to the community and we love you. We have nothing to announce for now, but keep playing and enjoy the challenge as you can ”.

Other titles of the same genre actually have this feature and some have even added it after the official release, as in the case of Enter the Gungeon, therefore it is not excluded that the requests of the players will soon be fulfilled. For now, Returnal players can try to work around this suspending the game and leaving the PS5 in sleep mode, with the mandatory condition not to disconnect it from the power supply.