Let's go back to talking about the case Epic vs Apple. During the hearing between the two giants, Epic's lawyer Wes Earnhardt called the Xbox vice president to testify Lori Wright, asking her some questions related to the actual earnings from the sale of the hardware (console).

Xbox Series XS Microsoft VR Virtual RealityAlla domanda "How much margin does Microsoft earn on the sale of Xbox consoles", Wright's response was a dry one "We do not make money, we have always sold consoles at a loss". Subsequently, it was specified that Microsoft bases its marketing strategy on the "Selling end-to-end gaming experiences", referring to services such as Xbox LiveXbox Game Pass, treating their consoles as means to offer such experiences.

Based on these questions, Epic is trying to prove that where on consoles (PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo etc.) the presence of a developer revenue tax is necessary to rebalance the losses caused by the production of hardware, the same discourse cannot be applied to Apple and other manufacturers of smartphones and tablets, companies that follow a completely different business model.