Un bug particularly serious of Apex Legends it can make you start the game without any allies even if you have selected the trio, duet or even the arena mode. It therefore seems to be a problem related to matchmaking.

Respawn is aware of the problem, although it is not yet known when a corrective patch will be released. Responding to a post on RedditRespawn Communications Director Ryan Rigley said he was quite frustrated by the problem.

The bug had already occurred before, around the month of March, but it seemed to have been fixed but the latest update, which introduces season 9, brought it back to the surface.

One user, also on Reddit, noticed some sort of cyclicality in the bug.

“I only play trios. The first three or four games are alone or with only one teammate. After that I manage to have a full team for about five or six games. Then the cycle repeats itself. "

The problem is that the bug shows up too late. After searching for the match and the team everything seems to be fine but when it comes to character selection no teammate appears anymore.