During a private conference, Sony explained to reporters that the PS5 stock shortage could last well into 2022.

Sony's Chief Financial Officer, Hiroki Totoki, explained that this problem, in addition to last throughout the current year, could also last for next year:

"I don't think demand will decrease over the course of the year, and even if we secure more units next year by increasing production of the PlayStation 5, our inventory will not be able to keep up with it."

The issue of limited stocks of PlayStation 5 (and beyond) relates to a much larger problem, Or a crisis of underproduction of computer components of any kind, on which an article of The Guardian had shed light a few months ago, leading Sony to reduce console production by four million units for example.

The Japanese company has not commented on this, but Bloomberg confirmed the reliability of the source.

Unfortunately, it is not foreseeable when this moment of downturn will end, hoping as soon as possible so that the next-gen consoles can spread on the market more easily.