Resident evil villageMuch like its previous Resident Evil 7 chapter released in 2017, it sets the mood aside trash from film Z classic of the series in favor of a much more horror style and first-person gameplay attributable to other games of the genre such as OutlastAmnesia. Yet, as he explains Capcom during an interview for Axios, this change of course was not appreciated by everyone.

According to the Resident Evil Village producer, Tsuyoshi kanda, at the time of the development of the seventh chapter the team needed to make the game more frightening, however, leading them to some negative feedback from the community:

“Some of the feedback we received regarding RE 7 said it was far too scary to play. On the one hand, this is exactly what we were aiming for, so for us it's a compliment. But at the same time, our goal is always to create something that everyone can feel comfortable in, so in RE Village we have eased the tension compared to Biohazard, so as not to put players in a state of constant terror. "