Remedy Entertainment, the creators of Control, Alan Wake e Max Payne, had already announced that they were working on two new projects in collaboration with epic Games one of which should be a "AAA cross-platform game" and the other a smaller title, along with a live service game codenamed Vanguard. In a quarterly corporate report released today, Remedy's CEO Tero Virtala said works on all three titles, in addition to the singleplayer campaigns the studio is working on for CrossfireX and Crossfire HD, they are doing well. Here are the words of the CEO:

“Remedy's triple AAA project with Epic Games will soon go into full production and the second small-scale game continues in full production mode. As for Vanguard, our free-to-play cooperative game project, we have defined many of the fundamental elements of the game. Development is proceeding at a good pace, internal testing continues and we are starting the next phase. "

All this, for Remedy, is new. The studio was in fact specialized in creating a single game at a time but in recent years (and in particular with the success of Control and funding from Epic) it has been able to greatly expand its staff in order to focus on the development of multiple projects at the same time. . Virtala claimed that Remedy mattered 281 employees at the end of March 2021 and stay “Experimenting and evaluating new ways to attract and recruit talent”.

There is no further information about the upcoming games. At the moment we know with certainty that Crossfire is a very famous online first-person shooter in Asia and CrossfireX is the new chapter, currently confirmed for Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S, while the publication of Crossfire HD is planned exclusively for the Chinese market. . The creative director of Remedy, Sam lake, said last year that the studio is currently working on a new game of the "Remedy Connected Universe" which is expected to be Alan Wake 2, thanks also to the huge clues left in the latest Control DLC, of ​​which you can read the review at following link.