In the past hours Shuji Utsumi, chief strategy officer for SEGA, gave an interesting interview to Famitsu, in which he talks about the future launches of the various titles belonging to the Japanese publisher.

Yakuza: Like A Dragon for example it was the first game of the entire brand to be released simultaneously all over the world, while the previous Yakuza came out some time before only for the Japanese market, and then came only subsequently translated also for the West. However, the success of Like A Dragon seems to have prompted SEGA to think differently about future releases, given that Ustumi himself has declared that "A simultaneous release and even on multiple platforms can only benefit our titles".

ATLUS PC person

In particular, the manager explained that this global change of pace may also apply to video games developed by Atlus (the creators of the series Person). Obviously especially JRPGs possess a large amount of text which takes time to translate, but still according to Utsumi "If overcoming these difficulties can make as many customers happy as possible, then it will certainly be worth making an extra effort".