Metroid may be coming to Nintendo Switch shortly, but not with the long-awaited Metroid Prime 4. A 2D title would be pretty much ready.

Although there has been no news about Prime 4 for some time now, fans of Samus's adventures could find hope in this latest rumor. According to the Zippo insider, MercurySteam would have developed a new chapter of the 2D saga which, among other things, would be ready and waiting for an announcement from Nintendo.

“Yes, a new 2D title of Metroid made by MercurySteam exists at 200% and is also now ready. At this point all Nintendo has to do is announce it. Both Nintendo and the historical director of the series Yoshio Sakamato are extremely happy with the quality of this new title. The game will run at an extremely stable 60fps and, in my opinion, the announcement will take place next month during the E3".

All that remains is to wait until next month to find out the veracity of this rumor. In the meantime, we cannot fail to exalt even a minimum for the alleged return of Samus Aran.