StarfieldStarfield will be an Xbox and PC exclusive. To confirm the hypothesis, rather accredited, the journalist took care of it Jeff Grubb with a post on the issue published on Twitter.

“Starfield is an Xbox and PC exclusive. Point. This is me who confirms it ”.

The popular signature of The Verge, historically quite informed on Xbox issues, seems to have no doubts about it and has decided to expose herself in these rather clear terms. Clearly this is not a 100% official confirmation, since Grubb is neither a Microsoft employee nor a spokesperson for Microsoft, this statement should be taken with a bit of caution anyway.

However, it remains to be taken into strong consideration a statement expressed so clearly from a rather well-known signature in the videogame journalism sector, which could be in possession of more information from the "behind the scenes" from Microsoft, to the point of putting his face on it.

Starfield is Bethesda's new sci-fi RPG and should be, at this point, one of the upcoming Xbox exclusives to arrive on the platform: although there is no official release date, there are several rumors that give the title out for the end of 2021, with the obvious presence in the Xbox Game Pass catalog already on day one.