Call of duty warzoneRaven Software unleashes his "Ban hammer" and does some cleaning up Call of duty warzone. The software house has in fact announced that it has banned about 30.000 people in the last few hours, leading to over 500.000 the calculation of the accounts ousted from his famous battle royale.

Apparently it appears that Raven is working intensively on the problem of incorrect players, a real plague that has plagued Call of Duty Warzone for some time now. Suffice it to say that the number of banned players has increased exponentially from the 300.000 registered just three months ago.

One of the main factors in the recurrence of the problem is certainly that of relapsing cheaters, to which the study is trying to respond clearly:

“Some have asked us if we issue hardware bans. We issue them, against repeat and serial cheaters. This is an important part of our fight to fight offenders ”.

Bad players play a big part in toxicity problem plaguing the Call of Duty Warzone community, a rather problematic environment as also demonstrated from what happened in recent days to the famous Italian streamer Pow3r, annoyed and blackmailed by a group of cheaters.

The development studio seems to have committed itself to solving the problem, also setting up a dedicated team, but it remains a rather complicated task to be able to keep an eye on a community for about 100 million players.