Amazon Game Studios, as we have already seen in the past, did not have much luck in video game development. The next title to be released will be the MMO New World, whose cash shop has been confirmed with microtransactions dedicated to items "Exclusively of a cosmetic nature". This, however, at launch, given that articles for the "quality of life" could arrive later (maybe things like enhancements to experience, for example) and a program in style battle pass.

The director of the study Rich Lawrence, on Twitter, reassured fans that the cash shop is meant to "Create an outlet for players who consider the items on sale to be of such value that they are happy to buy them".

He promises that the plan is not and never will be the one of "Create the feeling that the items in the shop are necessary to enjoy the game". All players, according to Lawrence, will be able to enjoy the entire gaming experience without ever having to purchase anything. When New World is released, in August 2021 unless further referrals, all items in the store will be "Exclusively of a cosmetic nature". This store is already present in the Alpha but it is simply a test and none of the selections or costs indicated are final. Indeed, the software house encourages testers to provide feedback on items in the store.

In the future, the team is planning to test "Quality of life elements for mechanics such as fast XP and fast travel, both obtainable in the game and purchasable in the shop" even if, those who have a minimum of familiarity with MMOs containing these mechanics, know how blurred the line is between "not needed for the game" and "but if I pay I can avoid farm 1000 hours". The publication of these elements will be determined by the "How players progress in the months following launch". The goal of all these elements is "That do not offer an advantage that unbalances the game".

Lawrence also revealed that the team is contemplating a style program "Battle pass" and "Would combine shop items on a periodic basis". Further on there would then be the "Possibility of optional expansions, which would have a separate cost". In short, a lot of beautiful stuff all for a fee. This new MMO is starting really well!