In the last few hours, the latest issue of Famitsu has advance various information on the last title of Kenichiro Takaki, author behind series such as Granblue Fantasy Senran Kagura (title that we have NEVER dealt with here, but never really). In the last few hours, confirmation has come from Cygames, who made everything official and announced the name of the new title: Project GAMM.

This is a new title action multiplayer, set in "Magical world of sun and rain" di Black. Here is an excerpt from the official Cygames press release and which takes up the words of Takaki himself:

“This is Kenichiro Takagi of Cygames speaking to you. I have been lucky enough to have so many opportunities to present my works to the world and have come this far with a strong love and passion for each of them. And now, how can I change in a world where common sense changes every day? What do I want to create now, will I be able to create the games I dreamed of as a child? […] I would like to talk to you about the results of these questions of mine in “Project GAMM”. We are still in the creative and polishing phase of our characters, but the entire team will continue to work every day to create this new world while having fun. "