TwitchAfter a long period of discussion and controversy, Twitch has decided to have its say on the subject "Hot tub", a phenomenon that has taken hold in recent months on the platform and which has seen several streamers try their hand at live outfits in costume and immersed in swimming pools or whirlpools. The answer, however, will probably end up displeasing a large slice of users.

With a post published on the Twitch Official Blog, the platform has stated that it does not want to oppose this type of content and that transmitting while wearing a costume in the appropriate contexts does not break the rules. A large group of the public had in fact wondered if that purple was the adequate platform for a certain content considered, with good reason, quite sexy, and if it was not the case to put a limit on a phenomenon that was now literally invading the category. Just Chatting.

Twitch has instead clarified that it does not intend to counter the phenomenon and that this type of content will have its own special category call "Pools, hot tubs and beaches":

"Although we have guidelines on sexually suggestive content" reads in blog, "Being considered sexy by other people does not go against our rules, and Twitch will not take countermeasures against women, or anyone in our service, for their perceived attractiveness."

In summary, Twitch does not consider such content to be "explicitly sexually suggestive" and therefore does not feel that it has to take disciplinary measures against streamers that viewers find sexy, leaving full freedom to offer this type of broadcast in the appropriate category and without showing nudity.