In recent days, the YouTube channel Will it Work? posted a video that, at first glance, might show a secret functionality di Nintendo Wii U, Nintendo's ill-fated console released in 2012. This feature would allow the console to burn a DVD and make a disk backup of our favorite eShop titles, in case Nintendo decides one day close the digital shop by Wii U.

Perfect! Now I could easily close the news like this and leave you with this incomplete information, no? Unfortunately, the reality is often disappointing and what is shown on the video it's not really a real burn. The truth lies in the optical media used for this operation: un disco DVD-RAM (Random Access Memory).

Unlike the more common DVD-RWs and DVD-Rs, DVD-RAM (format present on the market since 1997) belong to a class of hardware of their own as they were meant for behave like any hard drive, compatible with various file systems such as FAT, NTFS and (as in this case) Nintendo's proprietary file system. And it is thanks to this particolare exception, that the Wii U operating system is able to transfer its data within the disk, as it would with any other storage medium such as a key o an external USB hard drive.