The last one has just ended State of Play by Sony dedicated to Horizon forbidden west. During the event, the game director of Guerrilla Games Mathijs De Jonge presented to all fans of Aloy the first gameplay video dedicated to his new adventure coming to PlayStation 4 PlayStation 5.

During this gameplay (recorded on PS5) of about ten minutes, let's see Aloy intent on saving his friend honoring from the clutches of the ribelli, human beings capable of overriding and taming the wild machines that have taken over the human race.

The demo also showed some of the main mechanics of the game, including the Focus Scanners able to highlight the points of interest present in the Horizon open world (such as holds or objects), the Diving Mask that allow an exploration of the seabed without any limit and the possibility of equipping special moves for the protagonist's spear.

The presentation then concluded with a small preview of the threat to the world of Horizon: a red storm capable of killing any form of life. It will be up to Aloy to find the technology needed to stop the spread of the plague.